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The Department of Athletics at James Madison University, its coaching personnel, physicians, certified athletic trainers, administrators, and staff strongly believes that the use of drugs (excluding those drugs prescribed by a physician to treat a specific medical condition) can be detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of its student-athletes, no matter when such use should occur during the year.  Additionally, use or abuse can seriously interfere with the performance of individuals as students as well as athletes and can be extremely dangerous to student-athletes and their teammates, particularly when participating in athletic competition or practiceTherefore it is the philosophy of the Division of Athletics that all student-athletes at JMU will be subjected to a drug screening and education program.  For the purposes of this program a student-athlete is defined as any student officially listed on the team's roster.  This includes but is not limited to student-athletes who are "red shirting", student-athletes who are academically ineligible, student-athletes who are injured and 5th year student-athletes who are receiving athletic-related aid and /or using other athletic-related services, including cheerleaders.

In light of this, the JMU Department of Athletics has a mandatory program of drug education and testing combined with counseling/rehabilitation efforts to assist and benefit the student-athletes at JMU.  This program is in addition to the NCAA Drug-Testing Program and procedures.  James Madison University may amend, alter or revise this Drug Screening and Education Program at any time without notice.  This Drug Screening and Education Program (including any sanction phases) is separate and distinct from the NCAA Drug Testing program and its sanction phases.