James Madison University Department of Sports Medicine
Guiding Principles and Values

  • Student-athlete focused-we are here to serve the needs of the student-athlete and be their advocates.
  • Professionalism-our conduct and behavior should be that befitting a licensed health care professional.
  • Equality-we treat ALL student-athletes fairly and equitably.
  • Ethical-we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.
  • Positive Attitude-we make every effort to create a positive environment for the student-athletes.
  • Empathetic-we are sensitive to the needs / demands of the student-athlete and their individual response to an injury.
  • Reliable and accountable-we recognize the importance of being available and accountable for our actions as a means of developing trust within the sports medicine department.
  • Diversity-we respect the differences in people and value the differences within our department
  • Proactive and Innovative-we continually look for new and creative ways to serve the needs of the student-athlete.
  • Quality focused-we strive to "set the standard" and provide exceptional service and quality care to the student-athletes of James Madison University.
  • Confidentiality--- we respect the privacy and confidentiality of all student athletes as it pertains to physical and emotional health matters.