Duke Dog Pride Campaign Sets Record

The Duke Club is proud to announce 836 new members have joined as part of the Duke Dog Pride: 2,011 new members in 2011 campaign.  These 836 new members have helped the Duke Club set a 12-month all-time high with over six months still remaining in the campaign.  

The success of the Duke Dog Pride campaign continues to rely heavily on the Duke Club Rep System.  “Our Duke Club Representatives have continued to do an amazing job recruiting new members as well as holding chapter events that have promoted the Duke Dog Pride campaign,” says Taylor Adkins, assistant director of the Duke Club.

The Duke Club Priority Deadline (May 15) has passed but the Duke Dog Pride is continuing its momentum heading into the summer months thanks to Duke Club Reps like Zac Hittie.  “We set out with a tremendous goal, of 2,011 new members in 2011, and we’re almost half way there.  It’s important for all of us to keep membership momentum moving throughout the summer and into the fall.”

The Duke Club is always seeking out new Duke Club reps and those who want to continue to grow the JMU Nation.  Kyle Regetz, a 2010 graduate, has recently finished his first year as a Duke Club Rep.  Kyle states that his reason for becoming a rep is to help out those student-athletes that represent JMU both on the field and in the classroom.  “I wanted to give back to a university that has helped me become a better person and allow me to follow my passion in life.  By supporting athletics, not only do we help student-athletes receive scholarships, but we are also helping the university become more connected around a common interest.”  

If you are interested in becoming a Duke Club Rep yourself, or becoming more involved in your local Duke Club chapter, please email Taylor Adkins (adkinstb@jmu.edu) for more information.