Duke Club Recognizes Top Reps to Date

The Duke Dog Pride push to add 2,011 new members in 2011, is over 25% to the goal (520 new members to date) with eight months to go.  Duke Club reps, who volunteer across the state and Mid-Atlantic, have helped by renewing 252 memberships to date and adding 96 new members.  The new memberships have accounted for $26,797 in new Duke Club funds.

"The rep system is vital in creating a pipeline for the Duke Club," says Brian Powell, Assistant Director of the Duke Club.  "Our reps have helped us build this program in many ways and we have asked them to really focus on bringing in new people.  People continue to help the Duke Club in many different ways, but we are especially thankful this year for help in making Duke Dog Pride successful."

In adding new members, top reps to date are as follows:

Davey Ahearn (Washington, DC) 8 new members
Jeremy Bullock (Fredericksburg, VA) 5
Denise Gibson (King George, VA) 5
Ben Keefer (Glen Allen, VA) 5
Rob Neil (Charlottesville, VA) 5

Altogether 60 volunteers to date have helped renew or add members. 

"We've had a lot of people step up this year," said Dave Biancamano, Assistant Athletics Director for Development.  "On one hand it makes you very thankful. On the other hand it makes you realize our potential if we could increase the number of active reps."

What motivates successful reps?  It's usually a combination of passion for JMU, a desire to connect with other JMU alumni and fans, and the Duke Club benefits attached to rep success.

"The biggest motivator for me is how the unique feel and experience of JMU flows into the Duke Club Rep system," Rob Neil, president of the Central Valley Chapter said about his work.  "Whether by an alumnus or a rating magazine, JMU is always described as a large public school that somehow retains a small close-knit feel where an individual can make a lasting impact.  I feel the same way about JMU Athletics.  Being a rep you can truly feel like and see that you are making a big impact one person at a time."

For Ben Keefer, a successful rep in Richmond, he helps because it is a way to give back.  "I had a great time at JMU, met most of my good friends including my wife at JMU, and I really enjoy going back and watching games.  JMU Athletics has enjoyed some recent success, and I want to see them continue to build on that momentum and take the programs to the next level." 

If you would like to hear more about becoming a rep in your area, please contact the Duke Club office at dukeclub@jmu.edu or call (540) 568-6461.