Duke Club Launches Double the Pride Month

HARRISONBURG, Va., April 1, 2011 - The Duke Club, the sole fundraising arm of the James Madison University Athletic Department, has launched "Double the Pride" today.  The "Double the Pride" movement is calling on all current Duke Club members to add one new member during the month of April in support of the Duke Dog Pride Campaign. 

"Double the Pride is part of our overall mission to add 2,011 new members this year," Assistant Athletic Director of Development David Biancamano said. "We rolled-out DDP [Duke Dog Pride] on January 1 and we have added nearly 400 new members to this point but we have much more we can do."

The overall campaign - Duke Dog Pride - is focused on growing the membership base by adding 2,011 new members during the 2011 calendar year.  The campaign is focused on building a foundation of donors through mailings, calling programs and signature events.  The Duke Club also launched the Letterwinner Chapter - a new program that focuses on recognizing and re-connecting with former student-athletes, coaches and athletic staff. 

"This month, we are asking all current Duke Club members to add one new member," Biancamano said. "Ask yourself, are these people Duke Club members? My college roommate? Your neighbor or co-worker? How about your fraternity brother or sorority sister?  If the answer is no, it's time to Double the Pride."

Duke Dog Pride is founded on four elements that define JMU alumni and fans:  pride in who we are, pride in where we've been, pride in where we're going and proud to do my part.

The Duke Club concluded the 2010 calendar year with a membership of just over 2,200.  

"This cannot be overstated," Biancamano said. "If every current Duke Club member got just one person to sign-up, we would eclipse our goal and be well on our way to funding athletic scholarships."

For more information on the campaign, visit DukeDogPride.com or contact the Duke Club Office at 540.568.6461