Duke Dog Pride:  Covering The 50 States In Purple

On January 1, 2011 the Duke Club, the fundraising arm of JMU Athletics, launched Duke Dog Pride.  Duke Dog Pride is focused on growing our membership by 2,011 new members in 2011.  Duke Dog Pride is founded on four elements : pride in who we are, pride in where we've been, pride in where we're going and proud to do my part.

Did you know that in 2010, the Duke Club's membership total was 2,287.  Less members than Montana (2,300), Old Dominion & Appalachian State (2,400) and Richmond (2,700).  Out student-athlete's strive to beat these teams in all areas of competition, now it's your turn to do what's needed.

The Duke Club is issuing a challenge to JMU Nation.  Can you help us attract Duke Club members from all 50 states?  Right now only 18 states are represented.  Do you want to be part of spreading Duke Dog Pride all over the country?  Is your state representedIt's only $50 to join the Duke Club and help us build a foundation of support for student-athletes and the athletic department. 

Duke Dog is calling out Dukes young and old in Connecticut, North Dakota, New Mexico and 32 other states.  Join Today

Already joined?  Your state represented?  We still need your help, even if you're not the first member from your state, make your hometown proud, and be part of Duke Dog Pride today. 

Are you a current Duke Club member?  Want to help us add new members and earn rewards?  Check out the Duke Club Rep Program.

For more information or to join today call 540.568.6461 or visit dukedogpride.com.