CAA Swimming & Diving Championships
February 22-25, 2012
Jim McKay Auditorium - Fairfax, Virginia
Hosted by George Mason University

In response to the popularity of the CAA Swimming and Diving Championships and in the interest of minimizing risk to the patrons due to overcrowding, fire codes, and safety; changes have been made to the ticket policy for the 2012 Championship.

Advance tickets are sold out.  A limited number of tickets may be available prior to each session.

  • Reserved Seating – All seats in the Jim McKay Natatorium are reserved. All tickets will have a seat location printed on the ticket.
  • Standing Room Only – There will be a VERY LIMITED number of standing room only tickets available per session. These tickets go on sale one hour prior to the start of each session. Tickets are limited to (1) per person.
  • Entry Policies – All tickets will be scanned at the entrance to the Aquatic and Fitness Center. Only those with a ticket will be permitted to enter the Aquatic and Fitness Center. There is NO RE-ENTRY into the Aquatic and Fitness Center. Once a ticket has been scanned, that ticket cannot be used again. If a patron leaves the Aquatic and Fitness Center he/she will not be permitted to re-enter. Patrons without a ticket will not be allowed to enter and occupy the building.
  • All-Session Tickets – Reserved seats were sold as an all-session ticket. These were only available in advance through your respective schools athletic ticket office. Each participating school had full discretion on how to distribute those tickets. Patrons will receive a separate ticket for each of the eight sessions. These tickets are located in the reserved seating section of the Jim McKay Natatorium. These tickets can be distributed however the purchaser sees fit, but each ticket can only be used once. If tickets are lost, there are no refunds or replacements. All-Session tickets have been sold-out.
  • Distribution of Tickets to Institutions – The Jim McKay Natatorium seating section capacity is 500. The number of available tickets was distributed evenly among participating institutions, based on the number of tickets each school requested.
  • Distribution of Tickets to Patrons – Each participating institution’s ticket office distributed tickets to it’s patrons the best way they saw fit for their program(s). If you have questions or concerns regarding the way tickets were distributed, please contact your school’s athletic ticket office.
  • Diving Tickets – Each diving session is now ticketed. Each participating institution took requests specifically for diving patrons to help facilitate arranging ticket locations closer to the diving well if needed.
  • Seating Assignments – Institutions have been assigned seats based on the previous year’s team scoring. This is similar to how the teams choose seating on the pool deck. Seats were assigned for institutions per row and not in a block. Seats were assigned fairly and equitably, with each participating school receiving at least one row of seats near the center of the pool.
  • Space – The reality is that there are simply not enough seats for the number of patrons that wish to attend. As the host, George Mason sold tickets in advance for these reasons:
  1. Safety concerns with overcrowding and fire codes.
  2. Reduce the number of people turned away at the door once the seating capacity had been reached.
  3. Eliminating the long lines and hours of waiting in line.
  4. Complaints regarding savings seats or taking too much room.
  5. A more enjoyable atmosphere for those that are in attendance. As the host institution for the CAA Swimming and Diving Championships for the past 13 years, George Mason Athletics has been responsive to the needs of the event in order to run the championship safely and efficiently each year.

Please call the JMU Athletic Ticket Office if you have any questions: 540-568-3853