Season Ticket Package

Duke Club Donation

  Club Level $550 - Limited availability

Up to 2 Tickets: $2000
Up to
4 Tickets: $3,500
Up to 8 Tickets: $5,500
Up to 10 Tickets: $11,000

  Chairbacks $270
Up to 2 Tickets: $1,500
Up to 4 Tickets: $2,000
Up to 8 Tickets: $5,500
Up to 10 Tickets: $11,000
  Priority $135 ($108 for Senior
Citizens & JMU Faculty/Staff)

Up to 4 Tickets: $125
Up to 6 Tickets: $1,000
Up to 8 Tickets: $3,500
Up to10 Tickets: 11,000

  Public $108 ($92 for Senior
Citizens & JMU Faculty/Staff)

No gift required.  
  Public Family Plan $324 (4 tickets)
No gift required.  



Season Parking Passes

Duke Club Donation

  Godwin Field (at capacity)
  Champions Drive Parking Deck $2,000
  Hanson Field $1,500
  G-Lot (at capacity)
  P-Lot (at capacity)
  C4 $300
  D2 $125
  Convo No Gift Required

 Beginning in 2013, reserved parking locations will be re-assigned annually based on donor level and in order of Duke Club Priority Points.

Parking lot assignments are based on availability and filled in order of Duke Club priority points after the May 15 priority deadline.  Parking lot requests are not guaranteed.  If the requested lot is not open, donors will receive the next best lot available.


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Ticket Fulfillment
Season ticket orders will be assigned following the May 15 priority deadline in order of Duke Club priority points.  In the event ticket requests exceed availability, unfilled orders will receive full credit toward other tickets or a refund.  Internet processing fees cannot be refunded.


Seat Location Changes & Move Requests

Moves and changes for existing season ticket holders will be performed in the order of Duke Club Priority Points following the May 15 priority deadline based on seat availibility.  Follow up communication may be required to discuss certain requests and scenarios.  Moves and changes are not guaranteed.


Single Games, Away Games, & Mini-Plans

Single game and mini-plan ticket orders will be accepted beginning June 1.  Tickets will be mailed in August.  To order priority seating, eligible Duke Club members must log in to their account before placing order to obtain access to priority seating.  Away game tickets will go on sale June 1.

  Frequently Asked Questions

I have placed an order for tickets – is my order guaranteed?
Because of the limited number of tickets available within Bridgeforth Stadium, ticket orders are not guaranteed.  JMU Athletics fills ticket orders using the Duke Club Priority Point system.  New season ticket requests will be filled from available seats after the May 15 Priority Deadline.  This allows existing season ticket holders time to renew and adjust their tickets and for us to determine what tickets are available to use for new orders.  Single game ticket orders will be filled from available seats June 1.


I ordered football tickets and would like to cancel my order.  Can I get a refund?
Season ticket orders can be cancelled if requested prior to the Priority Deadline.  Processing fees will not be refunded.  Once tickets have been delivered to the customer they are non refundable.

What is the Duke Club?
The Duke Club is the fund-raising vehicle for James Madison University Athletics. Through its annual athletic fund drive, the Duke Club raises unrestricted contributions in support of student-athlete scholarships and the overall athletics budget.  Please visit the Duke Club website
or view the Duke Club brochure for more information.

What is Duke Club Priority?
Duke Club Priority is a process that provides active Duke Club members a ranking based on accumulation of points through their support of the program.  This ranking is used by Duke Club members to access tickets, parking, and to improve their seat locations if requested and available.  Priority Points are calculated based on various factors, including amount of current gift, lifetime giving history, and consecutive years as a donor. 

When will I know if my order has been filled?  How will I be notified?
Season ticket orders will be filled after May 15.  You will be notified by email and tickets will be delivered in early August.  Individual ticket orders can be made beginning June 1. You will be notified by email and tickets are delivered by the end of August.

How do I make an order for Family Day game tickets?
Family Day tickets can be ordered by phone or online at JMUSports.com.  Tickets are reserved and cost $38 each; JMU Student tickets are free and will be seated with your reserved tickets if ordered at the same time.  When making your ticket order, be sure to request your JMU Student’s ticket and be ready to provide their student ID number (located on their JACard).

How do I order tickets to the away football games?
The Athletic Ticket Office begins taking orders for away football games in the spring.  Tickets order are filled in order of Duke Club Priority then by order date.  In the event ticket orders exceed our allotment some orders may not be filled and will be issued a refund (internet processing fees cannot be refunded).   Order quantity limits may be imposed for selected away games based on the allotment received by JMU Athletics.

How can I get parking for a single game?
Single game parking passes are available for Duke Club members who are not season ticket holders.  Active Duke Club members who order their tickets from the Athletic Ticket Office will receive a parking pass with their ticket package (based on their Donor Level and availability). 

What are the age limits for tickets?
Anyone 2 years old and under does not need a ticket to JMU home football games.