The JMU Radio Network is a conglomerate of eight stations that combine to cover football, men's and women's basketball. Football has seven stations covering their games, Men's Basketball has six, and women's basketball has one.

Football and Men's Basketball are broadcast live and have a coverage footprint of 70% of the Commonwealth of Virginia and include the major metropolitan areas of Washington, D.C; Richmond, Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia; and Roanoke, Virginia. Women's Basketball is covered locally in Harrisonburg on our ESPN affiliate.

The stations in Harrisonburg, Hampton Roads, and Roanoke combine to host our weekly Coaches Show. The Coaches Show is broadcast live on Monday nights and features Football Coach Mickey Matthews and Men's Basketball Coach Dean Keener.

Options for advertising on the Radio Network include:

  • Pre-Game and Post-Game Sponsorship
  • Segment Sponsorship (Player of the Game, Statistics, Drive Summaries, etc.)
  • Commercial Spots
  • Live Drop Ins

We would like to thank our current Sponsors from the following areas:

Norfolk, VA

  • Ghent Chiropractic
  • Bay Diesel
  • VistaGraphics Inc.
  • Stallings and Associates
  • A-Termite Pest Control
  • Property Services of Oceanview

Richmond, VA

  • Thornhill and Schilling-Wachovia
  • Remax
  • James River Insurance Agency
  • Hedrick Insurance
  • Credit Adjustment Board
  • Smartbox

Washington DC

  • Dunbar Armored

Detailed Affilliate Coverage Areas:



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 Coverage Area 


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