During every JMU Athletic event, we offer programs to our fans. Each year over 300,000 fans come to our events. We have worked hard to create programs that are interactive for our fans and something they look to pick up each event, and they do. Our programs are free for all sports. Advertising in the programs comes in full page, half page, and quarter page sizes.

Each JMU team has a specific schedule poster designed for them. Poster sponsorship includes placing your logo in a prominent location on the poster. The posters are placed in businesses around town and are also handed out at each game. Posters are a great way to align you with JMU Athletics.

Schedule Cards
Schedule Cards like posters are produced for each sport. Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Baseball, and Softball all have double cards; the remainder of the sports have single cards. On the double cards, there is the opportunity for a whole panel advertisement on the single cards a smaller logo is produced.

Schedule Magnets
As our most popular item that is not sponsored, schedule magnets are produced for Football, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball. We also produce a home schedule magnet for Fall, Winter, and Spring. These items are never in stock long and always end up on the refrigerator for two years! You logo will appear prominently on these magnets.

Ticket Backs
We offer the opportunity to put a coupon on the back of our tickets. There are four different types of tickets: Football Season Tickets, Men's and Women's Basketball Season Tickets, and our annual ticket stock. Place a percentage off, buy one get one free, special offer on the back of the ticket and watch the business grow. Each ticket has a specific audience, so let us work together to find the right one for you.

Parking Passes
We issue Parking Passes for Football, Men's Basketball, and Women's Basketball. What better way to be in somebody's eyes than to have your logo and coupon on the back of a parking pass facing your customer all season long. Are you a gas station, doesn't a gas coupon make sense? What could a parking pass do for you?