Name: Cate Tisinger
Sport: Women's Soccer
Year at JMU: Senior
Hometown: Centreville, Va
Why did you come to JMU?
        #4 on the Princeton Review for food.
What is your favorite memory from playing at JMU?
        Making it to the Sweet 16 my sophomore year.
What's you favorite part of being a student athlete?
        Having Tom Kuster as my athletic trainer.
When did you start playing soccer?
        When I was four.
What do you do on a typical game day?
        Sleep in and eat at Mr. J's bagels.
What do you like to do in your free time?
        Eat, sleep, and shop; my friends say I'm very stylish!
What is an interesting fact about you?
        My nickname is Kitty Cat.
What pre-game rituals do you have?
        Listening to DONK by Soulja Boy.
What is a fun memory with your family?
        Vacationing to the Outer Banks every year.
What are your plans upon graduating from JMU?
        Work for a professional sports team in D.C. 
Movie: The Notebook
TV show: Jersey Shore
Cartoon: Rugrats
Food: Spaghetti with italian sausage
Vacation Destination: Bora Bora
Athlete: J.C. Menna
Musical artist: Lady Gaga
Place on JMU campus: Kissing Rock!

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