Visiting Team Guide

Welcome To JMU

On behalf of the Dukes of James Madison University and our Department of Sports Medicine, I would like to personally welcome you to our campus while our teams compete against one another.

Our goal is to provide you with any information, assistance and support that you may need from a medical perspective during your visit to Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley.

If you have any questions or special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance of your trip.  You may also visit our sports medicine website link on our main athletics page:

Best wishes for a safe season.

Tom Kuster, MS, ATC,, PES, CES

Asst. Athletics Director for Sports Medicine


Staff Contact Information


(540) area code, 568- extension  

Tom Kuster, Director


Scott Cook, Assoc. AT 



John Kaltenborn, Assoc. AT



Jackie Leonard, Assoc. AT


Track & Field, Cross Country, M/W Tennis

Chris Smith, Assoc. AT


Men's Soccer, M/W Golf

Erin Cash, Asst. AT


Women's Basketball

Cal Hall, Asst. AT


Men's Basketball

Jon Leonard, Asst. AT



Zahida Mitha, Asst. AT


Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse

Leah Schoen, Asst. AT


Women's Soccer

Carolann Baldridge, GA, AT



Kaitlin Brassil, GA, AT


Women's Swimming & Diving

Helen Denbow, GA, AT



Gretchen Dressel, GA AT


Women's Lacrosse

Stacy Rider, GA, AT



Ariana Saliaris, GA, AT



Jessalyn Stone, GA, AT


Track/ CC/ M/W Tennis


Facility information


Godwin Hall

Primary facility for most sports: houses taping stations, whirlpools, modalities, thermal agents

Convocation Center  

Primary facility for basketball: houses taping stations, whirlpools, modalities, thermal agents, EMT & MD on site for games

Bridgeforth Stadium             

Primary facility for football: houses taping stations in locker room, EMT & MD on site for games

University Park    

Primary facility for lacrosse, men's & women's soccer and cross country/track and field:  Houses taping tables, ice machine at Gatehouse

Field Hockey  

Ice is available from former Lacrosse/Soccer complex, and locker rooms are in Godwin Hall      

Veterans Memorial Stadium

Primary facility for baseball and softball: locker rooms and treatment area are located in Memorial Hall              

Please call ahead with any special assistance that you may need.  


Local Emergency Assistance


Rockingham Memorial Hospital (RMH)


RMH Emergency Room  

(540) 689-1300   


(540) 432-9996  

Williamson Hughes Pharmacy  

(540) 434-2372  

Campus Police

(540) 568-6911  

Harrisonburg Police

(540) 434-2545    

Medicap Pharmacy

(540) 433-6337

CVS Pharmacy Port Republic Road

(540) 433-2437

CVS Pharmacy Cantrell Ave

(540) 434-8916


Campus Directions

Hotel Information

Restaurant Information


The Department of Sports Medicine will typically be available 2 hours prior to event time and remain open up until 1 hour post event.   Please call to arrange and confirm any special needs you may have in advance.


Click on the "sports medicine" link at JMUSPORTS.COM for more information.



Emergency Information

Emergency Action Plans

All athletic training rooms and athletic complexes, fields and stadiums have posted emergency action plans should you need special assistance. Most venues will possess an AED and spine board.

Blue Campus Telephones

Blue telephones are located throughout campus for emergency assistance.  Dial 8-6911 to contact the university police.

Lightning Detection System

JMU is equipped with a lightning detection system.  When the electrical energy in the atmosphere reaches critical levels, a 15 second siren will alert us of potential danger.  Once this occurs, a mandatory evacuation from the athletic venue is required.  Prior to the start of any event, our host staff will inform you of the procedures and locations for evacuation.  Return to play will occur only when the system signals an "all clear", identified by 3, consecutive, five second sirens.