1.    Submit the "Request for Transportation Form" in writing to the Athletic Facilities & Events Office (Convo 101, MSC 4703; fax 568-3421; or by the appropriate date listed below.

  • Fall Sports return by mid-March
  • Winter Sports
    • Swimming return by mid-July
    • M/W Basketball return by mid-September
  • Spring Sports return by November 1st

2.      A confirmation will be returned to requestor with bus assignment(s).

3.    Submit Travel itinerary form and travel roster to the Transportation Department ( & a minimum of 5 working days prior to the requested departure date. 

4.    Assigned driver for the trip will confirm receipt of the directions and contact the sport program designee (Travel Coordinator) within one business day of receipt.

5.    Notification of any change to the initial travel request must be communicated to the Transportation Department via email ( & so those changes can be noted and the schedule updated accordingly.

6.    A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required by the Transportation Department to avoid a minimum 1 day charge of $150.00 per bus and $500.00 per motor coach.

7.    See the transportation website for information on vehicle pick up and return, gas cards & vehicle fueling, rates, and all other questions related to the Motor pool and operation. 

8.       Any EXCEPTIONS to the above policies must have prior written approval by the appropriate Sport Supervisor.

Additional Transportation forms:


1.    Only team members, coaches, trainers, student managers, team physicians, and appropriate Athletic Dept. personnel (hereinafter referred to as the team traveling squad) may be charged to the team voucher.  Only the team traveling squad may be included in any hotel and restaurant receipts submitted for reimbursement of team travel vouchers.  A list of the names of persons in the team traveling squad and their titles must be attached to each voucher requesting reimbursement for team travel.

2.    Family members are not allowed to travel with the team in a State vehicle unless a Transportation Waiver has been signed by the Director of Athletics.

3.    Drivers (scheduled by the Transportation Office) of vans will be required for all trips two hours in length and longer, or whenever the coach feels that the trip is too physically demanding.  Exceptions to this must be approved by the Sport Supervisor in advance

4.    JMU Transportation must be used to procure all bus and coach team travel when away from campus, including travel between airport and hotel.


Team shuttles buses will be scheduled for those programs utilizing locker rooms in Godwin Hall and compete on the East Campus at the request of the program.


Fan shuttle bus requests will be initiated by the Game Manager for events as needed.