Duke Club Rep Guidelines

Table of Contents

I. Goals and Duties of a Rep
II. Rep Kickoff
III. Rep Assignments and Rep Rosters
IV. Receiving Rep Credit for Referrals
V. Rep Reports
VI. Rep Rewards and Bumps
VII. Rep Rewards and Bump Deadlines



I. Goals and Duties of a Rep

1. Recruit new Duke Club members.

2. Renew former and retain current Duke Club members.

3. Help organize chapter events.

4. Regularly attend chapter meetings.

5. Be knowledgeable and informed about JMU Athletics.

6. Be a positive representation of JMU Athletics.

II. Rep Kickoff


  1. Rep Kickoff will take place in January of every year and will typically correspond with a JMU home basketball game.
  2. Rep Kickoff is not mandatory but exclusive benefits and opportunites will be provided to those reps.
  3. Attendance to Rep Kickoff will be offered to current Duke Club Reps and those individuals interested in becoming a Duke Club Rep.
  4. RSVPs will be required for Rep Kickoff.
  5. Rep t-shirts and starter kits will ONLY be distributed at Rep Kickoff with a similar online edition offered to those individuals who cannot make the event.




III. Rep Rosters

Reps will be sent a list January of each year that will be called their "Rep Roster."  A Rep Roster includes names and contact information of individuals a rep had solicited in the prior year.  The individuals on this roster are not assigned to a rep; rather, this roster has everything a rep needs to contact these individuals, solicit a gift, encourage 110% giving, discuss tickets/parking, and explain the beenfits of investing into JMU's athletic program.

If reps would like contact information for additional prospects, they can refer to their Rep Reports or request futher information from a Duke Club staff member.


IV. Receiving Rep Credit for Referrals

There are two means of receiving credit for referrals:

1. Name must be on referral box of pledge card or online

2. If a referral is not listed on the Rep Report, the rep should email dukeclub@jmu.edu for confirmation and to receive credit.



V. Rep Reports

1. Reports track your referrals, including both new members and renewals.

2. Six Rep Reports will be distributed throughout the year as follows: beginning of January, end of February, end of April, beginning of June, end of August, and end of October.

3. Reports are chapter specific.

4. Reports will consist of two separate Excel files.

a. Chapter Report

i. First tab will list local members (include names, contact info, and gift in for members from that chapter).

ii. Second tab will list local non-renewals (includes names, contact info, and last year's gift info for non-renewals of that chapter).

b. Duke Club Master Report

i. First tab will list all members (includes names, cities, and states)

ii. Second tab will list all non-renewals (includes names, cities, and states)

5.  Please check report for accuracy

a. Email corrections to dukeclub@jmu.edu.

VI. Rep Rewards, Incentives, and "Bumps"

1. Annual Rep Starter Kits will be distributed at Rep Kickoff and include a Duke Club rep t-shirt and annual rep manual.

2. Rep rewards, incentives, and bumps to the next benefit level will be determined based on a point system.  One point will be given for each new member solicited by a Duke Club Rep, and one point will be given for every five Duke Club members that are renewed.

3. Rep Bumps (i.e. receiving Duke Club benefits at the next level above a rep's current giving) will be rewarded to any rep who has obtained five points, with at least one point coming from a new member referral.

a. Rep bumps will only be applicable to benefits on the Duke Club benefit chart.

b. Rep bumps will not apply to reparking exemption statuses.

4. Reps will receive limited edition Duke Club gifts after earning three and five points.

5. Every new member referral equals one priority point for the rep that solicited the new member.

VII. Rep Rewards and "Bump" Deadlines

1. A rep "Bump" will only be given once a Duke Club rep earned fivepoints with at least one point coming from a new member referral.  

a. Rep bump requirement must be reached prior to May 15 to be eligible for football season benefits.

b. Rep bump requirement must be reached prior to October 1 to be eligible for men's/women's basketball season benefits.

c. An email notification will be sent, the week following each deadline, to those reps that have earned their bump. 

d. If you have questions regarding your bump status, check the rep reports or contact a Duke Club staff member.

2. Exclusive Duke Club rep gifts will be distributed in January.  These will be given out after the conclusion of the calendar year in order to encourage reps to continue signing up new Duke Club members all year.

If you have questions, please email or call the Duke Club at 540.568.6461.

Duke Club:  540.568.6461  |  dukeclub@jmu.edu