Football Traffic Patterns

The following controls will be implemented to expedite outbound traffic exiting the Champions Deck, beginning during the fouth quarter and lasting until post-game traffic has dispersed.

Vehicles will continue to use the Lakeside Service Drive from the parking deck to Bluestone Drive via the Chandler Bus Lane; vehicles will be directed to Port Road.

Inbound traffic turning from Port Republic Road onto Bluestone Drive will be prohibited.

Traffic exiting from the Chandler Bus Lane will have exclusive right-of-way to Port Republic Road and then have the option of exiting campus in any direction by splitting into appropriate turn lanes.

All P Lot traffic must exit via the north exit (closest to Carrier Drive) onto Bluestone Drive.  Traffic will be directed either onto Bluestone Drive to west campus or up Carrier Drive to east campus.

Duke Drive will be converted to one-way outbound (towards Paul Street). 

All R1 Lot vehicles are required to exit toward Paul Street.

Traffic exiting G-Lot, P-Lot, Tunnel Lot, and Godwin Field will have three options: travel northeast and out Carrier Drive towards Reservoir/University Boulevard, continue to Duke Drive out to Paul/Cantrell, or go up Bluestone Drive to South Main Street.