Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, please contact the Duke Club office at 540.568.6461 or

How is parking for athletic events allocated, and how is it related to my Duke Club gift? 
JMU Athletics reserves game day parking for Duke Club members who are season ticket holders. Parking pass locations are determined by your Duke Club giving level and based upon availability. Existing season ticket holders must make the appropriate Duke Club gift to maintain their current parking location. New and upgraded parking requests will be filled in order of Duke Club Priority from available inventory.

If I am a Duke Club member who does not have season tickets, but purchase tickets for one game, where can I park? 
For Duke Club members at the Duke Level and above who order single game tickets only, a D2 parking pass will automatically be provided with your tickets. You may request a parking pass based on your giving level (up to 2 games) by contacting the Duke Club office at 540.568.6461. The Duke Club will distribute passes based on Priority and availability.

What are Priority Season Tickets and how are they related to my Duke Club gift?
Your Duke Club gift makes you eligible to order Priority season tickets (Sections 103, 109, 202, 203, 209 - 212) in the quantities designated on the benefits chart. New ticket orders are filled based on availability and in order of Duke Club Priority. All new season ticket orders (Priority or General) will require an annual gift to the Duke Club.

When will be the next season ticket reseating?
In order to provide fair and equitable seating, football and men's basketball season tickets are reassigned every 4 years based on Duke Club Priority. 

  • Convocation Center Reseating - October 2012
  • Bridgeforth Stadium Reseating - June 2015


Who is eligible for Duke Club Hospitality?
For football, hospitality is a benefit granted to season ticket holders who join the Duke Club at the Gold Level ($1,000) or above. For basketball, hospitality is a benefit granted to season ticket holders who  join the Duke Club at the Bluestone Level ($1,500) or above. Those who qualify will receive hospitality passes equal to their number of season tickets.

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