Duke Club Priority Points

From the time of making ones first gift to the Duke Club, he or she will begin to accumulate Priority Points.  Priority Points are used when assigning tickets and parking, including away games and post season events.  A current year annual gift is required to activate Priority Points.  There are a number of ways to earn Priority Points to upgrade seats and earn the opportunity to buy away game tickets.  Jump to the different sections below including: explanation of priority pointsexample calculationand priority point policy.

Explanation of Priority Points

Annual Pledge
.08 point X current annual athletics pledge(s). 
Failure to pay 50% of your current year pledge by the priority deadline may result in an immediate loss of priority parking and seating.

Lifetime Giving
.02 point X total lifetime athletics gifts, excluding the current year. 

Consecutive Years as a Member:
5 points for each consecutive year donating to the Duke Club. All new donors will receive 5 points for the first year of donation so that points for each succeeding year will calculate appropriately.

Season Tickets:
1 point for each season ticket. 
Donors who hold season tickets for any of the following sports will receive one point for each season ticket: Baseball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Football, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer.

Returned Tickets
1 point per game for returned tickets for cultivation (two tickets per game minimum). 

Returned Priority Parking Passes
Individual game x 1/pass (football and men's basketball).

1 point for each new donor referred.

Duke Club Rep Incentives
Duke Club Reps receive specific incentives for their dedication to JMU.  
If you are interested in becoming a Duke Club Rep, visit the Reps Page or call the Duke Club at 540.568.6461.

In the event a tiebreaker is needed to determine ranking, the first tiebreaker will be the current year's pledge. The second tiebreaker will be lifetime giving.
**Effective 1/1/2010**

Example Calculation

2010 Priority Point Analysis
Description Support Points Factor
Annual Pledges to Duke Club (2010)  $2,000 160  .08 X all current pledges 
Lifetime Giving (PRIOR to 2010) $12,000 240 .02 X total previous years' gifts
Consecutive Years Giving 7 35 5 X each consecutive year
Season Tickets 24 24 1 X each season ticket
Returned Tickets


14 1 X each eligible game


11 1 X each new member referred
Duke Club Rep Incentives


 238.5 See Rep Incentives Breakdown
Total Points for 2010: 722.5 2010 Ranking: 194 of 4,395

NOTE: Priority Points are valid for Duke Club members only. Individuals who are not current members forfeit all benefits associated with priority, including parking and seat locations.

Priority Point Policy
This policy is effective with calendar year 2010. Policy changes may occur for subsequent years.

The Duke Club is the fundraising vehicle for James Madison University Athletics.  Through its annual athletic fund drive, the Duke Club raises contributions in support of student-athlete scholarships and the general operating budget.  Further, the Duke Club raises contributions in support of facility enhancements, endowments of student-athlete scholarships and other needs through capital campaigns and other gift solicitation efforts.  The Duke Club is the only athletic fundraising organization recognized by the University.

The majority of donations to the Duke Club are directed to the general athletics fund ("14180") and encouraged for the Duke Club's mission of raising funds in support of student-athlete scholarships and the general operating budget; however, some donors prefer to restrict their gifts to specific sports, endowments, or capital expenses. If you are restricting your gift to a specific sport, Athletic Performance Facility, brick, locker, specific endowment fund, Bridgeforth Stadium Expansion, etc. ("restricted athletics"), please clearly indicate on your check or form to which account you want your donation deposited.

Donations to only a capital campaign and/or other restricted athletics giving (i.e., a specific sport, brick, locker, endowment fund, Bridgeforth Stadium Expansion, etc.) do not secure membership to the Duke Club; however, points are calculated on those donations. Duke Club membership benefits are determined by the 14180 portion of donation with first-level benefits beginning with a donation at the Paw Level (currently a minimum of $50).  Example: A total annual donation of $2,000 with $1,000 being a restricted athletics gift and $1,000 to the general athletics account 14180 will secure a Duke Club membership with benefits at the Gold Level, based on the $1,000 general athletics portion of the donation. Points, however will be calculated on the entire $2,000 donation.

Priority points are valid to active Duke Club members only. Individuals who are not current members forfeit all benefits associated with priority, including parking and seat locations.

Contact the Duke Club: 540.568.6461  |  dukeclub@jmu.edu