Spring: October 15
Summer: February 15
Fall: March 15

Athletics Administration Description

We bear responsibility to efficiently and effectively manage all elements of the athletic program in order to field a team that is in position to compete for championships.  We serve as advocates and guardians to Student-Athletes and the Department of Athletics. 

Senior Athletics Administration Practicum

Assist with special projects with the Leadership Team and the Athletics Director.  Assist the Deputy Athletics Director with the various elements of the department's strategic planning. Participate in leadership meetings and meeting with key department leadership groups.  This practicum reports to the Director of Operations, Athletics Business Office, Jeff Souder.

 Senior Athletics Administration Practicum/Internship

Primary duty is to assist the Associate Athletic Director for sport programs with data collection, projects, attend meetings, copy, file documents in specific locations, organize, assist administrative assistants, type documents, and read selected articles and books.

Candidates should possess excellent oral, written, organizational, and interpersonal skills. A high level of confidentiality and reliability is required.  The Administrative office is responsible for adhering to all NCAA, CAA and James Madison University rules and policies.  Please submit a letter of reference along with a cover letter and resume.

This practicum reports to the Associate Athletics Director for Sport Programs, Kevin White.