Thank you for your interest in the JMU Cheerleading Program. This Program operates under JMU Athletics and at this time is not a scholarship-funded program. We support the following athletic teams; football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. JMU Cheerleaders compete at the NCA College National Championships in Daytona, Florida.  As a member of the JMU Cheerleading squad, you will be required to support the athletic teams over holiday breaks, the Men’s and Women’s CAA Basketball Tournaments and any other mandatory events. All cheerleaders will be required to maintain good academic standing and have at least a 2.0 GPA. Cheerleaders must also maintain at least part time enrollment with the university (no less than 9 credit hours). In addition to practice, games and events, all cheerleaders will be required to do cardio conditioning and weight training program.

The JMU Cheerleading Program is seeking athletes who will be committed and dedicated to achieving success within the program. The success of the program can only be measured by the success of the individuals within the program. Athletes who possess a positive attitude, self-motivation and determination, a genuine love for cheerleading and support JMU athletics are definitely welcome to tryout.




The JMU Varsity Cheerleading Team is separated into two squads, an All-girl Squad and a Co-ed Squad.  Both squads will cheer all home football games.  The travel squads will be mixed from both squads.  The two squads will be merged together to make three different basketball groups who will split all home Men's and Women's basketball games. 

The competition squad will be comprised of 20 members and 3 alternates from both squads.  Competition Squad try-outs are held in December of each year.  Competition Squad members may be required to practice of over spring break.