Coach Casey Steinbrecher

Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach Casey Stienbrecher is starting his first season with the Dukes.
What was your favorite part of coaching at JMU?
The people. Not just the players on our team but also the support staff, administration, professors, and all the people who help our players have a spectacular experience.


       What is your favorite memory from coaching at JMU?
Working our summer camps and getting to see our players take on the roll of coaches. They have a lot of knowledge and patience and they demonstrate that well.


What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?
Seeing the "Aha!" moment on the players faces


What tips would you give a young player who wants to play volleyball?
Reps, lots and lots of reps. You can't touch the volleyball enough.


What traits do you look for in potential student athletes?
A positive attitude, desire to always continue learning, someone who is selfless and puts the team first, is very competitive, and has the potential to grow into a phenomenal athlete.


What do you do to motivate your players to succeed on and off the court?
Encourage them that mistakes will happen, they will fail at times but it is all designed to make them stronger and to succeed when the time is right.

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