Football Reparking Overview

In the summer of 2012, the Duke Club board approved the adoption of football reparking on an annual basis beginning in 2013. Prior to every football season parking locations will be re-assigned based on donor level and in order of Duke Club Priority Points. Donors who wish to forego the annual reparking process can maintain their current parking space and receive a Reparking Exemption by giving at a donor level above that required for their lot. The Reparking Exemption only allows a donor to maintain their current spot, and is not applicable to any requests to move.

To be able to take part in the reparking process, half of your Duke Club gift must be made and season tickets renewed by the Priority Deadline, May 15.


Reparking Examples 

Donor A: Currently parks in Godwin Field and makes a $3,500 gift.
A Director’s Level ($2,000) gift is required to park on Godwin Field.  Donor A will receive a Reparking Exemption by giving at the Crown Level ($3,500), which means they will not be subject to reparking.  If Donor A wishes to relocate their parking, they will participate in reparking and select their new space based on priority points.

Donor B: Currently parks in Godwin Field and makes a $2,000 gift.
Donor B will qualify to park in Godwin Field but it is not guaranteed.  Donor B will participate in the reparking process and select their space based on priority points.   

Donor C:  Currently parks in P-Lot and makes a $1,000 gift.
In 2013, all spaces in P-Lot will become assigned for the first time.  Because Donor C is currently in the lot and makes a gift at a level above the required amount for P-Lot, they will receive a Reparking Exemption and be guaranteed to stay in the lot. They will select their space based on priority points.  In future years Donor C will be able to retain the spot they select in 2013, by maintaining a gift that qualifies for a Reparking Exemption.

Donor D: New season ticket holder makes $300 gift.
Donor D qualifies for C4 Lot with their gift, which is an unassigned lot.  This means on gameday all spaces are first come first serve.  If the lot reaches capacity, access will be determined by priority points.  If Donor D does not get into C4 based priority points they will park in D2.

Donor E: Currently parks in Champions Deck and makes $2,000 gift with request to move to Godwin Field.
Donor E does not make a Reparking Exemption level gift for Godwin Field or Champions Deck, and therefore, is subject to reparking.

Donor F: Currently parks in G-Lot and makes $2,000 gift with request to move to Godwin Field if possible.
Donor F qualifies to park in Godwin Field based on their Director’s Level ($2,000) gift and will select their parking in order of priority points.  If Donor F is unable to attain spot in Godwin Field, their gift will provide them a Reparking Exemption for G-Lot.  Since G-Lot will become assigned spaces for the first time in 2013, Donor F may use their exemption to guarantee they remain in the lot, but they will select their assigned space based on priority points.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Duke Club football reparking?
Duke Club priority reparking is a process that allows active Duke Club members to upgrade their respective parking by accumulating points through their support of the program.  Priority Points are calculated based on various factors, including annual and lifetime giving, season ticket purchases and consecutive years as a donor.  JMU Athletics will begin reparking football annually in order of Duke Club rank.

Will the minimum donation requirement for any parking lot increase?
No, there will be no donation increases for required for 2014 football parking.  All minimum donation requirements for football parking lots will remain the same.  However, an individual may be exempt from the reparking process by donating at the next level.  Please see the reparking chart below for more details.

2014 Required Level
Re-Parking Exemption
Godwin Field
Champions Deck
Hanson Field

What happens if I do not make my Duke Club contribution by the priority deadline? 
Duke Club donors who do not pledge and pay 50% of their annual, unrestricted gift by the priority deadline (May 15) will not have their priority points calculated for the football reparking. 

What happens if I do not renew or order my season tickets by the priority deadline?
In order to take part in reparking each year, we must receive your season ticket renewal and Duke Club gift by May 15.  Orders received after May 15 will not be included in the football reparking.

How do I select my parking space?
If eligible for reparking, you will receive an email with your allotted time and log in information.  Upon receiving this email, you may log in to to review the parking maps and available lots.  When your allotted time begins you may select your space. Click here to view a reparking demonstration

When will I be able to know where my parking pass will be?
If no one can come at your allotted time, the Duke Club will review the preferences you provided and best accommodate your request based on availability.  You must purchase the selected seats annually in order to maintain them for the next four years. 

Which reserved lots have specific parking spaces that are individually assigned?
The only lots that have individually assigned spaces are Champions Deck, Godwin Field, Hanson Field, G-Lot, and P-Lot.

Is it possible to park with the same people I have parked with in the past?
Yes.  If you would like to park with someone please indicate this on your parking preferences.  The individual with the lower priority total determines the location of the whole group. This only applies for reserved parking lots (Champions Deck, Godwin Field, Hanson Field, G-Lot, P-Lot).

How can I keep my exact spot?
This only applies to Champions Deck, Godwin Field, and Hanson Field.  You can keep your current parking space with a "reparking exemption" gift.  This will allow you to maintain your current spot, not any other spot in your current lot or any other lot. 

What is "Reparking Exemption"?
To maintain a current parking spot, a donor will receive a "Reparking Exemption" by donating at the level above the required amount for that specific lot.  

What is the advantage of football reparking annually?
Re-assigning parking gives individuals the opportunity to improve parking based on the amount of priority points accumulated since the last year.  The priority point system governs upgrades of parking locations for existing donors and new donors.  The system is intended to promote fairness, reward the loyalty of our long-time supporters and encourage current contributors to the Duke Club.