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Photo Gallery: Bridgeforth Stadium Renovations - Phase 2 -- 3/19/11 3/19/2011
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  • 682 1024 A view of Bridgeforth Stadium from the APC deck. 205582046 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Workers continue to work on the outside of the suites (ceinter) while seating deck awaits placement (above). 205582047 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Scoffolding on the press level is in place to allow workers to put up the back walls of the press level. 205582048 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 All seating support is in place with drainage troughs sit on the main support areas. 205582049 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Step supports for the upper deck are in place all throughout the upper deck (center). 205582050 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The main support structure for the new videoboard is in place as posts await installation of the first set of beams next week. All concrete work is complete. 205582052 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Seating deck and risers await movement to the upper deck at Bridgeforth. 205582053 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Work continues on the roof of the Grand Staircase as it is nearly ready for the covering. 205582054 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A view of the work on the upper level including the press box fronts being framed in. 205582055 JMUSports.com
  • 682 1024 Some of the seating deck in the lower part of the upper deck is in place (center). 205582056 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The crane lifts up part of the side retaining wall for the upper deck in the north end. 205582057 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A closer view of the retaining wall for the north end of the upper deck being locked into place. 205582058 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A view of the work that has already been completed on the upper level seating areas. 205582060 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 A view from the back of the retaining wall being put in place in the north end of the upper deck. 205582061 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The flood wall under the north end of the stadium nears completion. 205582062 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A worker inspects the retaining wall, giving direction to the crane operator. 205582063 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 A view of the press box elevator being almost sealed in. 205582064 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 A worker continues his work on the press box elevator exterior. 205582065 JMUSports.com
  • 682 1024 A view of the scaffolding on top of the Parking Deck that will be used to put the back facade on the Bridgeforth Press Box. 205582066 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A closer view of the scaffolding that reaches up with part of the wall frames in place visible through the scaffold. 205582067 JMUSports.com