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Photo Gallery: Bridgeforth Stadium Renovations - Phase 2 -- 3/11/11 3/11/2011
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  • 682 1024 A view from the northeast corner of the construction at Bridgeforth Stadium. 205566440 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Looking at the construction from the street beside Godwin Hall 205566441 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The old concession hut near the northeast corner of the stadium is no more. 205566442 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A crane hoists more work materials into the air. 205566443 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Workers await the lowering of a section of the seating deck for the upper level. 205566444 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Water fills the hole from the removal of the old scoreboard concrete support. 205566445 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A worker puts together several of the second decks for several of the press box rooms 205566446 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Workers continue to frame out the flood wall along the northwest corner of the stadium. 205566447 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The escalator nears completion as the outside metal continues to be put in place. 205566448 JMUSports.com
  • 682 1024 A view down the length of the club level room as dry wall continues to go up. 205566450 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 The crane continues to work on the construction. 205566452 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Bundles of seating deck are ready to be elevated to the upper deck for placement. 205566453 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 Seating deck is waiting to be lifted up. The sections wrapped in paper are the purple riser sections that go between the levels. 205566455 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 Reinforcements get put in place and await concrete pouring for the scoreboard supports. 205566454 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A closeup of one of the workers putting a scoreboard support rebar section in place. 205566464 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 Workers continue to put support steel in place for the waiting concrete trucks. 205566465 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 All but the President's Suite is framed out on the back side of the Suite Level. 205566456 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A worker sprays fire-retardant insulation on the metal work on the suite level. 205566457 JMUSports.com
  • 682 1024 The delivery lift concrete is complete and awaiting installation of the lift itself. 205566459 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 A view of the Grand Staircase at the southwest entrance. 205566461 JMUSports.com
    1024 682 A worker continues to weld the final level of the Grand Staircase. 205566460 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A view of the construction from the Plecker Athletic Performance Center. 205566462 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A closer view of the seating platforms awaiting placement on the upper level. 205566463 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A section of the upper level stairwells is being lowered into its place. 205566467 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Workers work on arranging the staircase sections to go to the upper deck. 205566466 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 A view of the work being done on the knuckle of the stadium. 205566468 JMUSports.com
    682 1024 Concrete is getting poured in a new section of the flood wall. 205566469 JMUSports.com
  • 682 1024 A view of the concrete work on the northwest section of the flood wall. 205566470 JMUSports.com